Common air conditioner maintenance issues

It is hard to imagine how ubiquitous has become. With two-thirds of American households using air-conditioning, a staggering 6% of all energy goes towards our cooling needs. However, a lot of this cost is unnecessary, and you can bring down your energy bills with some basic maintenance. When your unit does not cool properly, you use more energy than you should. Here are some basic things to check:

Thermostat issues

One of the most common issues is with the thermostat. Often, the sensor loses connectivity to the unit or reads the wrong values. One simple way you can tell is if the unit cools properly when you set the temperature lower than normal.


Another common issue that causes the compressor to stop is a block in the drainage line. Check for water at the exit of the drainage conduit and if there is nothing then look for a block along the path. When the path is clear then call in a technician to check for what lead to the blockage.


Air that goes into the air conditioner passes through a filter to trap dust and dirt particles. Check your filter by removing the front cover of your indoor unit. The filter is either on the cover itself or on the unit. Wash and dry the filter and fit it back. One sign of clogged filter is insufficient air flow.

Article by Specialists in portable cooling for home and industrial air conditioning applications.