How to Create a Short List for Therapeutic Boarding Schools


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In order to choose the right boarding school, it’s important to compare and contrast prior to commitment.

Choosing the right type of school out of the many programs for troubled youth is a tedious task. However, it’s also a worthwhile one. If you are debating what type of school you want to send your child to, this article will help you narrow down your list and ultimately cho

ose the right type of school that fits you and your child’s needs. Remember, it’s important to provide the right type of help for a child that’s facing behavioral issues. Care for them by providing them a safe and educational environment in which they will grow and be nurtured.

Whittling Down the List

This is one of the most tedious parts when it comes to time consumption. Why? Because you have to sit down with your child and talk about every school on the list that you are interested in. This is the reason why having your list on a spreadsheet can be extremely useful. As you work through the rundown, you can code the schools which will wind up on your short list. The shortened list should be in between 3-5 schools.

In order to effectively narrow down your list ask yourself questions such as: are you looking for a single sex or coed school? Do you want a religious school? What therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys offers a flexible visitation schedule? Then, compare the answers to these questions to see what schools are still in the running. From then on, you can easily create your short list and ultimately decide what works best for you and your child.

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