How to Find Schools for Troubled Teens

Written by: Woodcreek Academy

Summary: Learn which qualities look for when you’re trying to find a school for your troubled teen.

The search to find boarding schools for troubled boys can lead one down a path with many options. You might consider a faith-based school that instills discipline through prayer, or opt for a more diligent discipline administered through punishment and reward systems. Boot camps are also popular. But, are any of these types of camps actually useful to your child? What camps equip them best for the long term?

Qualities to Look For

A school for troubled teens should have a solid support network, and should seek to get the parents involved. Parents should be allowed to visit the campus before hand, and school administrators should encourage parents to attend sessions (sometimes with the student).

The school should also focus on academics, which is a part of the overall discipline students should be exposed to. Troubled teens usually struggle to meet their peers at an academic level, so these schools should have an advanced and engaging curriculum to keep students motivated.

Never rely on what you see, either. Always seek out testimonials from other parents and students. Especially testimonials that describe long term effects of attending the school.

Wilderness Therapy

Therapeutic wilderness programs are a fairly new development in behavior modification schools. These programs bring kids out into the wilderness to test their survival skills, build self reliance and teach an appreciation of nature. These kids tend to come back feeling more confident, and ready to work and cooperate with others.

Wilderness therapy also offers a much-needed break from the trials of city living. Urban areas can get overwhelming at times, so nature is a good respite and a chance to recoup peacefully.