Ridgewood Schools and Education

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No matter how much you love an area, most people need to consider the prospect of education before they could ever consider moving there. This is understandable, of course. Who cares how great a home is if your children won’t be getting decent education. Fortunately, if you’re considering Ridgewood, New Jersey real estate, you don’t need to be concerned about the schools in the area.

Nationally, Ridgewood is ranked within the two 200 where academic indicators are concerned. That’s impressive considering the area’s size compared to much larger ones all around the country. They were also given a college readiness index of 61.7, which again, is impressive considering the city’s size.

One of the best things Ridgewood has going for it is its student to teacher ration. Studies have found this is one of the leading indicators in terms of how well students will do. Teachers do more than just execute lesson plans, they pay attention to students and hold them accountable. In Ridgewood, there are 15 students for every teacher, on average. This could make all the difference in the world where your child is concerned.

Although the city has just the one high school, it’s within the top 12 in the entire state. So if you want to move to Ridgewood, rest assured your children will get a quality education.


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