The Advantages of Wilderness Therapeutic Programs

Wilderness programs are designed to help teenagers begin a new and positive direction in their lives.

Defiant teenagers require the proper care and support that they deserve to get back on track with their lives. With a vast amount of therapeutic programs out there that promote a balanced lifestyle, nothing emphasizes “healthy living” more than wilderness programs.

About Wilderness Programs

Therapeutic wilderness programs help teens deal with their social issues in a productive and cooperative manner. Much of their curriculum involves participating in activities that promote trust, connection, and positivity in an environment that embraces the outdoors.

Not Your Typical Boot Camp

Unlike a bootcamp for teenagers, wilderness programs focus on the underlying psychological problems through counseling and motivational therapy. Once identified, the troubled teen can then emerge as a strong individual with the help of experienced counselors.

The Power of the Outdoors

In order for teenagers to make the transition into a mentally healthy and strong adulthood, they need to be guided through life’s obstacles by a role model that promotes a triumphant way of life. And, by reducing resistance to authority and using the wilderness as a physical and emotional outlet, troubled teens will eventually conform rather than object.

Therapeutic programs need to take a less confrontational approach to their methods and actually focus on how their pessimistic mentality affects their behavior on a day-to-day basis. This is one of the many bright spots of wilderness programs as the physical activities that the teenagers go through tend to break down their defensive layers, making it easier for a counselor to reach out and offer a helping hand.


Wood Creek Academy offers a therapeutic program that’s dedicated to helping troubled teens and their families recover from the destructive effects of behavior-related problems. If you’re hesitant about a juvenile boot camp and the mental scars that it can leave on your child, you’ll feel content knowing that your child is in the hands of true role models.