Ways to Involve your Children with Donating

Spending time with your children is one of the precious perks of being a parent. But how do you share your passion for philanthropy with them without being to pushy? Here are some quick tips to help guide you.

Talk to your Children

Speak with your children about what type of charities they are interested in. If they don’t know, break down examples of what they do and how you can help them. Then give them a chance to choose which one they like the best. By involving your children’s interests, it’ll help them develop a personal connection with whom they are actively helping. Supporting children’s charities is a good way for your kids to bond through creative events like painting or sports.

Make Time to Volunteer

Working with a charity can be harder for the parents that work long hours. Scheduling some free time out of your busy schedule to work with your kids and a charity is not only going to bring you closer, but you’re also partaking in performing good deeds for the world. Children follow examples and mold themselves around their parental figures. Show your kids your conviction by leading through example.

Have a Representative Break it Down

If you happen to stop by a charity organization, have them speak to your children about how they can make the world a better place just by simply donating or volunteering. Hearing it from a trusted figure could help strike a chord within them.

Bio: Ferhan Patel was born and raised in Canada and calls Montreal, Quebec, his home. In 2003, he received a Bachelor of Computer Science, Information Systems from Concordia University. He currently works for Payza, an international payment processor as the Director of Global Risk and Compliance.